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Project Description

This project provides a sms sending and receiving solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 by using the Boomerang SMS API.

The project consists of an SMS Router Service plus all the customisations required to get it working on any Microsoft Dynamics CRM Deployment.

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  • Multi Organisation Support and Deployment support: This solutions works in similar way to the CRM Email router, so one computer running this solution can support many organisations in different deployments (CRM Servers).
  • Active Directory and IFD authentication modes support: Dynamics CRM for Boomerang supports connection to Dynamics CRM Organisations either through Active Directory or IFD (Hosted CRM) modes.
  • Minimal customisations to your CRM: Dynamics CRM for Boomerang only requires one custom entity called SMS to manage the inbound and outbound SMS. This entity is safely and automatically deployed by the setup.
  • Workflow Examples: Dynamics CRM for Boomerang can optionally deploy some Workflow rules examples to help you get the most out of this solution.

Solution Components

The Dynamics CRM for Boomerang SMS solutions is composed of two main parts:

Management Application: Allows to provision the CRM custom SMS Entity, and optionally the demo workflow rules, on a Dynamics CRM v4.0 organisation and configure the connections to be used by the Boomerang Service.

Boomerang Service: Windows Service responsible for sending out the pending SMS from the configured entities, and to retrieve the responses sent by customers to store them into the associated CRM organisation.
Both components will be installed by running the setup files of Dynamics CRM for Boomerang.

Documentation & Videos

Boomerang Setup Video

Follow this link to watch a video about how to Setup Dynamics CRM for Boomerang. Please note that the url provided within the video is no longer valid. The correct url is:

Boomerang Business Case Video

This video highlights the capabilities of the Boomerang for Dynamics CRM add-on to implement new ways of interaction with customers using Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The example workflows featured on the video are an optional component of the Boomerang provision (see Setup video for more information).
The video starts by creating a Service Activity for one contact, this kicks off a workflow process that waits until some hours before the appointment start time and sends an SMS reminder to a customer. This reminder SMS asks the customer to reply with an SMS to confirm or cancel his attendance. The workflows waits for his response, and when a response SMS is received the text is evaluated to determine whether to cancel the Service Activity.

Video: Dynamics CRM for Boomerang Service Activity example

Developer Documentation

We have included on the release a PDF file describing the components of the code as well as a help file with MSDN alike documentation. You can download it from the files included on the latest release.

You can also use the Discussions to ask questions and propose any enhancements.

Installation & Requirements

To install this solution you need a computer running Windows XP and higher or Windows Server 2003 and higher; with .Net Framework 3.0 installed.

Running the installer of Dynamics CRM for Boomerang will deploy the Management Application and the Boomerang Service on the machine. Once you complete the setup, you can use the Management Application to provision new Dynamics CRM 4.0 Organisations and also to modify the configuration for existing ones.

From a connectivity point of view, the only requirement for this solution to work is to have access to the Dynamics CRM 4.0 Server and to the Internet in order to reach the Boomerang API Service.

For detailed instructions on how to setup Dynamics CRM for Boomerang please watch the video Setup Dynamics CRM for Boomerang

How to get a Boomerang Account?

In order to send out SMS with this solution out of the box, you need to get a Boomerang Account. Please contact Boomerang to get one.

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